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Lamps AIEWMember Electrical Product Catalogue Issue 18 KOSNIC LIGHTING www.kosnic.com Pendant Cable without Lampshade Pendant Cable with Lampshade Code Finish Watt Lumen CCT KPDTCS1E27-BCH Black/Chrome - - - KPDTCS1E27-BRZ Bronze - - - KPDTCS1E27-NIC Nickel - - - KPDTCS1E27-RBR Red/Bronze - - - Code Watt Lumen CCT KPDT1E27-BLK Black - Bowl - - - KPDT1E27-WHT White - Bowl - - - KPDT1E27-CLR Clear - Bowl - - - KPDT2E27-BLK Clear - Cone - - - KPDT3E27-BLK Black - Dish - - - LED filaments and pendants Frosted Filament B22 / E14 / E27 Code Watt Lumen CCT KFLM02CND-FRS 2W 180lm 2700K KFLM04CND-FRS 4W 380lm 2700K KFLM4.5CND-FRS 4.5W 480lm 2700K KFLM07CND-FRS 7W 700lm 2700K 2 Years Minimum warranty Code Watt Lumen CCT KDFL4.5GLS-CLR 4.5W 470lm 2700K KDFL07GLS-CLR 7W 730lm 2700K KDFL4.5GLS-GLD 4.5W 470lm 2700K KDFL04GLS-GLD 4W 380lm 2700K KDFL04G100-GLD 4W 380lm 2700K KDFL04G125-GLD 4W 400lm 2700K KDFL04ST64-GLD 4W 380lm 2700K Dimmable Filament B22 / E27 Clear Filament B22 / E14 / E27 Code Watt Lumen CCT KFLM02CND-CLR 2W 420lm 2700K KFLM04CND-CLR 4W 440lm 2700K KFLM02BTP-CLR 2W 190lm 2700K KFLM04BTP-CLR 4W 380lm 2700K KFLM02TWT-CLR 2W 190lm 2700K KFLM04TWT-CLR 4W 380lm 2700K KFLM02GLF-CLR 2W 190lm 2700K KFLM04GLF-CLR 4W 380lm 2700K KFLM4.5GLS-CLR 4.5W 490lm 2700K KFLM07GLS-CLR 7W 660lm 2700K KFLM4.5GLB-CLR 4.5W 470lm 2700K Antique Filament B22 / E14 / E27 Code Watt Lumen CCT KFLM02CND-GLD 2W 170lm 2700K KFLM04CND-GLD 4W 340lm 2700K KFLM02BTP-GLD 2W 170lm 2700K KFLM04BTP-GLD 4W 340lm 2700K KFLM04TWT-GLD 4W 300lm 2700K KFLM02GLS-GLD 4W 380lm 2700K KFLM04G100-GLD 4W 380lm 2700K KFLM04G100-GLD 4W 400lm 2700K KFLM02ST64-GLD 2W 200lm 2700K KFLM02ST64-GLD 2W 400lm 2700K